My favorite April 1st fool

It’s April 1st 2015. The day of a year you shouldn’t believe everything that’s in the press. My fave this year definitely comes from Microsoft.

With their new strategy ‘Mobile First. Cloud First.’ Microsoft’s goal is to reinvent productivity. Read the official announcement here on Microsoft’s site. The key note here is:

We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.”

With this in mind, Microsoft adds another dimension while getting back to it’s core competencies. Here’s an announcement on the YouTube channel of Microsoft Lumia.

“Today Microsoft launch MS-DOS Mobile, a new OS designed especially for Lumia smartphones. Microsoft are going back to where productivity started for millions of people, launching a beautifully simple OS. The MS-DOS Mobile preview is an essential download for those who remember life before Windows, those who want to go back to BASIC, or even those looking to boot into DOS for the first time.”

My initial thought was ‘Wow, let’s get back to the 80’s!’ But then it reminded me how fast technology evolves. From Personal Computers with DOS, then Windows 3 to the era of Windows NT and Novell Networks. Then the Apple App Store that launched in March 2008. This again is seven years ago with lots of pace in the market. The app model was adopted by most of us. Nowadays, all other providers have app stores. Each app adding a little bit more productivity to a phone, PC, Mac, server, etc.

Picture by M.Kuettner on flickr.

Wearables are currently trending – so you can add apps to your wrist, hoping that this again will boost your productivity.

Do you want to miss all these things? Can you imagine how we live in 10 or 20 year? Me not at all. I just have a glimpse and I am happy to live in this exiting time.