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In November, I got the honour to present the new versions of Microsoft Project and SharePoint to a lot of customers cross-over Germany. I gathered lots of questions that I’d like to share. Here are my top 7 frequently asked questions (FAQ) from these sessions. General Topics Is there a […]

Top 7 FAQs on Microsoft Project and SharePoint 2013

Maturity has an immense leverage on the success of programs with lots of depend-encies. Organizations with high maturity have ~30% more probability to deliver successful results than having a low maturity (details in my last article on this subject). Within this article you’ll gain an understanding how program management works […]

How Program Management in Matrix Organizations Works

Maturity and Success of Projects 4
Did you know how many projects are not successful caused by low maturity in managing complex landscapes? The Technical University of Berlin (Chair Prof. Dr. Gemuenden) discovered in last year’s study that approx. 50% of all projects fail in complex landscapes. This is where a high degree of dependencies between […]

50% of Projects Not Successful in Complex Landscapes

In March, the Microsoft Project Conference 2012 will be conducted in Phoenix, AZ. I am hosting a session on resource management. As promised before, here’s the abstract:  Resources are lacking productivity through competing projects. Cut this Gordian knot of resource planning using Microsoft Project Server and the product CS RME […]

3 Steps to Cut the Gordian Knot in Resource Management

In March, the Microsoft Project Conference 2012 will be conducted in Phoenix, AZ. I am holding a session on program management. As promised before, here’s the abstract: Programs often fail due to divided responsibilities. The program manager’s job is to drive a program through different functional departments. The resource managers […]

Deliver Successful Program Results in Matrix Organizations