This site is online sind 1999. I was quite lucky when I found screenshots of the old pages. Here’s a quick retrosepct of v4.1

Topic: Professionalized site, added business content, moved to English
Technology: WordPress, iFeature Theme, RSS
Date: 2012 - version 4.1 v4.0

Topic: Relaunch with WordPress
Technology: WordPress, PageLines Theme, RSS
Date: 2011 - version 4.0 v3.0

Topic: Web 2.0 – here I am! Aggregation of many RSS feeds
Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaSript, PHP
Date: 2008-2009 - version 3.0 v2.0

Topic: Online-‘blog’ during my USA internship
Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaSript, Perl
Date: 2001-2002 - version 2.0 v1.5

Topic: Living in the U.S.A.
Technology: HTML only, CSS, JavaSript
Date: 2001 - version 1.5 v1.4

Topic: Documentation of our trip through eastern U.S.A.
Technology: HTML only
Date: 2000 - version 1.4 v1.3

Topic: My first stay in the U.S.A.
Technology: HTML only
Date: 1999 - version 1.3