Fast Innovations through Hackathons

A new article published by me on the platform Industry of Things.

The IoT environment is characterized by a high development speed. How can companies select the right topics on the way to progress and translate them into projects? Whether a hackathon or design thinking – there are various possibilities for modern innovation management.

IIn the course of comprehensive digitization and networking, companies are being flooded with many hype topics. The challenge is often to decide which of these topics are important from a business or technical perspective and contribute to your business goals.

Accordingly, solutions and innovations must be developed for the identified topics and problems. But as is so often the case, an idea remains an idea until it is implemented. So how can project teams get out of the initial idea phase and produce tangible results through concrete projects?

Here is the link to the full article (in German): Schnelle Innovationen durch Hackathon.