Agile Project Management with SCRUM and Microsoft Planner

A new article published by me on the platform Industry of Things.

SCRUM has established itself as a method to develop new solutions efficiently and agile. This article uses a specific example – the development of a smart office solution – to show how a SCRUM project can be executed using Microsoft Planner.

The aim of the project presented was to use rooms more efficiently and, for example, to automatically release meeting rooms bookings when rooms are not used. Additionally, this allows the energy consumption of air conditioning and lighting systems to be optimized.

Given the tight schedule of 2 days, six sprints of three hours each were planned to develop solutions using the SCRUM methodology. To support this agile approach, Microsoft Planner was used to manage the backlogs and sprints.

SCRUM Project in Microsoft Planner

Here is the link to the full article (in German): Projekte agil umsetzen mit SCRUM und Microsoft Planner.