AI – the super power of digital transformation

A new article published by me on the Campana & Schott Web site.

Artificial intelligence can make companies even more effective, faster and more modern. When it takes over routine tasks or even delivers new insights, it becomes a superpower. So to implement AI projects properly, five areas are critical to success. With appropriate steps, implementation is not difficult.

Super-Power AI

An example: Sabrina works in the pharmaceutical industry. Every week, she receives a list of several hundred clinical studies by e-mail. For an initial review, she has to open the link to each study to check the abstract and other key figures on the corresponding website.

At first, she enjoyed the task because it gave her an overview of the latest research. But now she is unsure whether she really recognizes all the relevant studies. In addition, the pressure to evaluate the publications more quickly is increasing. So there is hardly any time left to read the studies in detail.

Fortunately, she now has an AI solution at her side. It automatically evaluates all incoming information based on the author, ingredients, clinical pictures or healing success. Keywords defined by experts serve as a filter system to sort out irrelevant contributions. This pre-screening gives Sabrina enough time to put the studies through their paces. This allows her to make more qualified suggestions, thus receiving positive feedback from the expert teams and enjoying her work more again.

Five areas are important for AI success

This real-life use case at a pharmaceutical company shows that AI can provide important assistance that benefits all sides. Thus, both the employee and the company benefit. But there are a number of hurdles to overcome before this can happen. These relate primarily to five areas: Data, technology, organizational processes, skilled workers, and law & ethics.

AI Topics to Discuss

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