Five hurdles to efficient business processes

A new article published by me on the Campana & Schott Web site.

Why the implementation of innovative processes and new platforms falters and how to solve the dilemma.

Proven processes build the backbone of classic companies. But modern IT platforms constantly provide new, flexible solutions that can be used at the push of a button. Therefore, companies have to rethink their structures and continuously integrate new technologies into their processes. This can be achieved with suitable solutions.

“What does your son do for a living?” “He’s operations manager.” “And what is he doing?” “I don’t really know. He explained it to me several times, but I didn’t understand it.” This is how the typical dialogue between a mother and her friend over a cup of tea should take place. But be honest: very few people know what operations management means.

To learn more about this topic read the full article (in German): Fünf Hürden zu effizienten Geschäftsabläufen überwinden