Microsoft Ignite 2019: The digital revolution is on…

A new article published by me on the Campana & Schott Web site.

Instead of large version increments, Microsoft focuses on continuous development of integrated solutions.

From Power Platform to Project Cortex, SharePoint and Fluid Framework to Azure Synapse, Microsoft unveiled an enormous number of new services and features at Ignite 2019. This makes it clear that the days of big product introductions are over. Continuous Delivery has become part of everyday life and companies have to adapt to it.

Once upon a time … a new Office or Windows version was introduced to the market with a big show At the very latest at Microsoft’s Ignite 2019, it became clear that instead of a big bang, there is now a continuous stream of innovations. This digital revolution encompasses all areas from data centers, platform services and developer solutions to software as a service.

The enormous variety of solutions and the constant changes and deployments mean that sometimes even the product managers responsible at Microsoft no longer know exactly which functions have been released in the latest version or when they will be available in which regions. But this is no longer so important. Because in addition to the actual function and optimal security, integration into the comprehensive platform plays an increasingly important role. What used to be extremely isolated islands is now a network of integrable solution components – surrounded by a dedicated security layer.

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