IoT is as simple as electricity from the wall socket

A new article published by me on the platform Industry of Things.

Actually, IoT as a technology is already old hat. After all, ready-to-use IoT solutions already enable completely new applications that have arrived in our everyday lives. So why is IoT still an important trend for the new year?

The development of the Internet of Things is and remains unstoppable. What trends are in store for 2021?

Strictly speaking, the Internet of Things is no longer a trend, but best practice. The best example of this is the Corona warning app. Smartphones equipped with proximity sensors are used here as edge devices. The measurement data is sent to data centers in the cloud and analyzed there. In the event of potential risks, warnings are sent to the management app so that the user is informed accordingly.

From this IoT use case, industry can and should learn how to scale solutions to make their businesses more resilient. When millions of edge devices are connected in a reliable IoT network in full public view and watched by the media, it works for Industry 4.0. Even different networks and apps in diverse countries can be integrated and enable real-time decision-making. Nowadays, this is more important than ever. Here, current technologies such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6 can significantly increase scalability and performance.

However, the IoT is already a ready-to-use solution that comes like electricity from a socket and drives the overall process as an important cog of operational excellence. This democratizes the use of the Internet of Things, as it no longer requires special expertise.

Accordingly, in 2021, it is no longer a question for industry to differentiate itself with the help of new technologies, but with the right business processes. To determine these, IoT data will serve as input. In the future, the focus will no longer be on technical implementation, but on integration, scalability, business processes and how the business is advanced with them. That is why use cases are becoming increasingly important.

Use cases that think outside the box

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