3 Steps to Cut the Gordian Knot in Resource Management

In March, the Microsoft Project Conference 2012 will be conducted in Phoenix, AZ.

I am hosting a session on resource management. As promised before, here’s the abstract: 

Resources are lacking productivity through competing projects. Cut this Gordian knot of resource planning using Microsoft Project Server and the product CS RME of Campana & Schott. We will demonstrate how to solve conflicts between project- and line-organizations by adding a controlling layer to the standard resource management capabilities of Microsoft Project Server.

Based on two international customer cases this session will focus on three key subjects with regard to a well-managed resource management:

  1. Establish transparency: Setup an appropriate environment with Microsoft Project Server to create transparency of your resource situation.
  2. Manage long term capacities: Ensure that general resource availability is given while starting new projects.
  3. Commit resources: Use CS RME to establish a controlling process on resource commitments

If you are interested, you are more than welcome to attend the session #pc309 at #mspc12. Or drop me a few lines. In case this article is rising your attention, check out my other session on program management.

Ingo Meironke, PMP – Manager at Campana & Schott@meiroTweet