50% of Projects Not Successful in Complex Landscapes

Did you know how many projects are not successful caused by low maturity in managing complex landscapes?

The Technical University of Berlin (Chair Prof. Dr. Gemuenden) discovered in last year’s study that approx. 50% of all projects fail in complex landscapes. This is where a high degree of dependencies between the projects is given and the organization’s maturity of managing these landscapes is low.

Maturity and Success of Projects

Here’s the good news: You don’t need to bury your head in sand. If you are able to increase organization’s maturity in managing those complex scenarios, you are able to improve the probability by approx. 30% (due to the study).

Within the next weeks I will publish a set of posts that will enable you to set up a basic environment for proper program management. This will build the basis for increasing maturity.

If this article caught your attention, stay tuned on this site. In addition, I will talk about this subject in a session on the upcoming Microsoft Project Conference (#mspc12) in Phoenix, AZ, March 20th to 22nd (abstract for session #pc310).

What’s next: Learn about our experience how program management works in matrix organizations.

Ingo Meironke, PMP – Manager at Campana & Schott@meiroTweet

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