Back to the office – but which one?

A new article published by me and my colleague Jana on the platform IT-Director.

Back in the office – at least temporarily: Many employees currently have this wish. To ensure that they can efficiently continue the working methods they learned in the home office and also feel comfortable and secure, CIOs must now lay the foundation for the seamless office.

New Work – Why should I return to an office?

The conditions under which employees can best complete their tasks and how work will be structured in the New Normal are the subject of much discussion. In addition to topics relating to digital collaboration, process digitization and virtual leadership, the physical workplace is gaining in importance: space must be attractive and support working methods. Hybrid ways of working, i.e., the combination of physical and virtual collaboration, will be standard everywhere in the future. Companies have a direct influence on the design of their own offices. Now is exactly the right time for CIOs to prepare everything for this form of work.

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