Future Technology Blockchain – From Hype to Must-Have?

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Blockchain is more than just Bitcoin. But even after the initial hype, many companies are still at a loss as to what they can do with the technology. Yet blockchain offers many new and exciting approaches, especially in the areas of IoT and security.

Blockchain – Hype or Reality?

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin regularly experiences new highs – and crashes. These constant ups and downs are always good for headlines, but they also distract from the underlying technology. After all, blockchain can do much more than create huge fortunes or huge losses.

The technology has a hard time of it anyway. It is complex and not as easy to grasp as an electric car or a smartphone. Probably due to the unclear properties and possible applications, blockchain was simply touted for years as an ingenious all-round solution and often failed.

Yet blockchain is being used more and more frequently in practice – and often without users noticing. This is similar to the case of the cloud a few years ago, when many were already using web-based e-mail services, but could do nothing with the term “cloud”. Only as consumers and companies gradually used more services did the buzzword catch on.

Following this lead, digital strategist Dom Tapscott even called blockchain technology “the second Internet” in his Ted Talk. By this, he does not mean Web 2.0, but a new underlying infrastructure. In fact, this revolution has not yet occurred, but is likely to come gradually.

What is the state of blockchain in Germany?

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