Low-code platform: to a productive app in three days

A new article published by me on the platform Industry of Things.

Low-code platforms are a quick solution to everyday problems as a development environment. Finally, reinforced by the pandemic, companies need flexible and pragmatic approaches. Specialist departments can thus create their own apps, for example for training management.

Citizen Development: Creating a productive app in three days with low-coding

The HR manager of an industrial company receives requests from various departments to train employees for the newly introduced Microsoft Teams. But initiating an ad hoc in-house training program with special requirements for 5,000 people worldwide, sending out invitations, checking participation status and coordinating the training sessions? Even in normal operations, this is a Herculean task. And it’s no longer easy to manage with Excel spreadsheets.

After all, all participants have to be contacted and invited. The planners then have to collect and evaluate the acceptances and cancellations, set suitable dates, check the number of participants per course, communicate reminders before the training sessions, reschedule course dates if necessary, reckon with last-minute cancellations, and much more. For many managers, this is a never-ending effort – which in turn raises the question: Can’t training management be done faster and more pragmatically?

Everyday life in forward-looking companies shows: It is possible. And it is, if this task is shifted to each individual employee. In this case, one way to implement this is with a practical app. Employees can use it to manage their registrations and appointment requests via self-service, while the planner keeps track of everything.

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