Business apps: Why it is worth making the switch now

A new article published by me on the Campana & Schott Web site.

Make applications more flexible and efficient with modern technologies.

Digital transformation has been on companies’ minds for years. But it is only with modern solutions such as the collaboration tool Microsoft Teams that they realize they need to digitize other applications as well as business processes even more. With the right strategy, platform and adoption, this is possible in an efficient way.

Business apps: Why it is worth making the switch now

What was often only discussed as a future scenario in the past had to be implemented in a few weeks due to the COVID 19 pandemic: Home office, digital workplace, flexible business processes – to name just a few conversions. Especially the fast introduction of modern collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams was a must for video conferencing and cross-location collaboration.

Now that these solutions have been in use for about half a year, more and more companies are recognizing the increasing contrast between modern applications and their previous processes. They realize that “media breaks” hurt even more than before. To further digitize their business processes, they need things like digital signatures, remote access to applications, fast and customized reporting, mobile apps, or even the avoidance of duplicate licenses for Microsoft 365 and legacy systems.

Strategy, platform and adoption

For this reason, the demand for modern applications is increasing enormously. The big question here is: How does the IT department manage the resulting increase in workload and roll out these applications in a timely, secure and manageable manner? To do this, companies need three building blocks:


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