Can your team really work virtually?

A new webinar recorded by me available at Campana & Schott.

The Corona crisis has fundamentally changed everyday office life and workflows. With the introduction of Microsoft Teams, many companies have enabled virtual collaboration for their employees. However, this is only part of the digitalization of everyday work. Rather, for efficient remote collaboration, departments need to convert familiar workflows such as employee onboarding, signature runs or approval processes into a digital process.

Can your team really work virtually?

You experience:

  • Which office workflows are suitable for digitizing cost-efficiently and what options are available.
  • How you can transform workflows such as training planning, employee onboarding or approval processes into a digital process using Microsoft tools such as the Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Teams.
  • How you can now enable your employees to book onsite workstations via a chat bot.
  • How to map your team’s collaboration such as working together on a flip chart, random meetings at the coffee machine, the morning “Hey, how are you?” in the digital space.
  • How to use a low-code platform in projects to reduce communication efforts while increasing planning reliability and transparency.

Get access to the webinar (in German): Kann Ihr Team wirklich virtuell arbeiten?